Website & Email Hosting Service

It’s always a recommended to have everything such as email hosting, website hosting and website backup supported by one team. By keeping a single point of contact your less likely to run in to delays when it comes to resolving issues, applying updates and/or managing any website changes. All of AgileWeb Inc. maintenance packages provide the option to also add on hosting since we want to make sure we provide the best possible overall package to our customers.

Website Hosting


To make our clients lives easier we manage everything end-to-end when it comes to hosting

  • Our team acts as a¬†single point of contact to oversee the setup and management associated with your website
  • We are committed to an indepth¬†assessment of your needs such as website traffic and up time requirements to build an efficient package

Email Hosting


Staying in touch with a large customer base or establishing a proper communication channel with customers can be difficult at times. Our team can help:

  • Setup of forms within your website that correctly direct to designated email addresses
  • Create email extensions to organize your business communications and establish a professional look to your brand

Want to learn more? Our team would love to share our expertise and help you figure out what opportunities are available to you.