Website Maintenance & Support Services


  • Ensuring client satisfaction is paramount to our success so if your having issues with your website we are here to support you
  • Help desk support available via phone or email
  • Experienced developers and designers available to troubleshoot and fix your website


As your business environment and customers evolve we recognize the need to modify or enhance your website. To make sure your website is continuing to represent your business value, brand and accomplish the goals you set, our team of developers and designers are available to help enhance and improve your website.


Your website is a living, breathing organism that actively engages customers and generates leads for your business similar to an actual sales representative. Our team can:

  • Establish and run security audits
  • Design and create new templates, widgets and plugins
  • Establish a proper QA environment to test all new changes prior to publishing to your live website
  • Ensure appropriate backups for all information are in place


Planning for the unexpected is what we do best and backing up your website is an extremely important business need which we can help with. We can:

  • Help protect against external website compromising ex. website hackers, malware and virus’s
  • Help ensure a stable backup to revert your website back to an original copy in the event of any changes due to employee errors or issues driven by system updates
  • Minimize system downtime and business interruptions


We are dedicated to your growth as much as our own and one way we ensure our clients are growing is by providing top of the line analytical tools to ensure your getting the most value out of your website:

  • Find our where your visitors are coming from
  • Identify your top pages in terms of visits and clicks so you can structure your website and content for maximum benefit
  • View visitor segmentation
  • Continue to update and fine tune your website to ensure it’s the best in the field

Want to learn more? Our team would love to share our expertise and help you figure out what opportunities are available to you.