Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become one of the most fundamental requirements when creating a website. No matter where you are everyone in the industry is talking about or referring to the benefits of creating a responsive website and we as a team are dedicated to ensuring your business benefits from everything responsive web design has to offer.

The future of your business

In the last couple of years the internet has seen a tremendous increase in the number of individuals using a wide variety of devices to access the internet and ultimately business websites. As a result your business needs a website that will work well on a wide variety of device resolutions so you can attract and retain the maximum number of online visitors to your website.

Cleaner, More Connected Design

By ensuring your website is responsive in the first place you eliminate both the need for multiple websites (mobile etc) as well as cut down on the number of re-directs that would typically occur if you had multiple websites. In addition as a branding bonus a responsive web design successfully manages consistent branding, colors, usability and overall visual consistency across the site ensuring a complete containment of business identity.

Search Engine Optimized

Aside from the obvious benefits of consistent branding, quality sales driven interface and business identity visibility some of the other SEO contributing factors are:

  • A responsive web design is housed in a single place under a single URL and as a result of that there are few redirects from the main site
  • A single set of language, metadata and keywords is also important and contribute to better SEO practice
  • A single website ensures any updates are applied consistently across the website and no broken links are created
  • From an analytics perspective a responsive web designs single website eliminates the need to track multiple URL’s and allows for analytics across the same site regardless of the device a customer is using

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