Our 5 Step Project Web Design Cycle

Our 5 step web design project approach ensures that our teams dedicates the necessary resources and time to the project at every design stage. We want to make sure every step is based off a strong foundation and that nothing is missed.

1. Planning

Develop a solid understanding of the clients business through real conversations and dialogue and translate in to a solid, executable web design plan.We learn as much as we can about what makes you tick by asking the right question

  • Determine purpose and goals of the website: Are you selling a product or service? What do you hope to accomplish through this website?
  • Target Audience: Is there a specific group of people or group that you hope to reach with your website?
  • Content: What kind of information will your customer base be looking for?
  • Create a sitemap: Using our understanding of your business a consistent, easy to understand navigation is built keeping the end user or customer in mind at all times. This is basically a grouping of all main and sub-topics that will be hosted on the website and helps organize where the content will be placed
  • Determine what technologies will be used: Your AgileWeb development team will help you determine what technologies to use for your project ex. WordPress etc

2. Web Design

This is when we translate the plan in to prototypes which will eventually determine the look and feel unique to your website. Communication between our team and the client is key at this point to ensure everyone is on the same page as to what the final product will look like.

  • Determine the look and feel of the website: Using the information gathered and keeping the target audience in mind a specific look and feel will be decided upon at this point. A website geared towards teenagers for example will have a very different look than feel than one created for professionals
  • Establish elements to communicate brand: The web designer will take into consideration your brand colors, logo’s etc to ensure they are consistently carried throughout the design and create a sense of business identity through every section of the website
  • Develop prototypes: At this point a mock up or prototype will be developed and finalized between the designed and the client to show a visual of how the final product will look

3. Development

Each individual element from the designed prototype is used to create an actual functional website by the web designer.

  • Creation of a homepage and ‘shell’ website: The developer will take the individual elements determined in the design phase and use it to create a functional website which will then be populated with content
  • Functional implementation of elements: Implementation of a content management system (CMS), forms, plugin’s, widgets, shopping carts etc.
  • Consistent link with client to show work-in-progress: Our developers will remain in touch with client at each step to ensure client is aware of major implementations and progress milestones

4. Testing & Delivery

Assess website compatibility, test functionality, complete final tests, finalize details and test the project in a real world environment.

  • Testing functionality, compatibility and ensuring all code is valid: Perform tests to make sure everything works as it should, can be viewed across all browsers and operating systems etc.
  • Website Upload: Our team is able to help with domain name registrations, server hosting, website uploading and final test runs to ensure everything has been correctly uploaded for public viewing
  • Plug-in Installation: To ensure WordPress and other CMS driven websites can be properly accessed
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Providing guidance on website elements such as title, description, keywords etc. This is often incorporated within your CMS

5. Maintenance

In order to remain current and continue to receive traffic we maintain your website and help anticipate the need for updates or changes.

  • Help desk support: Ensuring client satisfaction is paramount to our success so if your having issues with your website we are here to support you
  • Web Design and Development support: Our team of developers and designers are available to help enhance and improve your website
  • WordPress Updates: Our team can run security audits, design addition elements such as themes, widgets etc and provide safe backup options
  • Traffic Analytics: To continue to make sure your website is performing at the level it should and remain abreast of all new changes or patterns we provide top of the line analytics

Want to learn more? Our team would love to share our expertise and help you figure out what opportunities are available to you.