Rent Our Cottage

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Rent Our Cottage is a client that rents out two gorgeous cottages on Lake Manitouwabing and Whitefish lake in Ontario. The company is able to provide an experience away from the urban centers and encourages it’s visitors to explore the natural wonders surrounding it’s rental properties. From extensive beaches, fishing and canoeing to relaxing in a home away from home, Rent Our Cottage is a popular vacation choice for many Ontario and out-of-province residents.

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Responsive Web Design

Quality and accessibility across devices and resolutions

The travel and tourism industry is one of the most mobile accessed industries and in order to ensure our client could efficiently compete in that world we designed and developed a website solution that was 100% responsive. Every element and feature could be viewed at the desired quality level regardless of screen resolution or device type. This ensured the maximum number of users attracted to the product and increased the marketing reach of the website.

Rent Our Cottage Responsive Web Design

Virtual Experince

Creating a 360′ experience for users

One of the most critical features that we implemented for Rent Our Cottage was creating superior virtual experience capabilities. We planned the project keeping in mind the importance of a virtual tour and every design and development decision from font selections, layouts and colors were driven with the purpose to create an elegant end product. The resulting website was a clean, sharp website that focused on the beautiful and unique features of both cottage properties. Then by allows users to seamlessly navigate through a virtual tour of both the properties we ensured they received the full experience intended and were highly motivated to book and visit in person.


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