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Icandrive.ca is one of the most popular Canadian websites when it comes to Canadian driver resources such as practice tests, information on licensing and basically anything you would need to become a licensed Canadian driver.


Working on this project was extremely exciting primarily because we were able to take a single idea and with no preexisting structure in mind, were able to create this huge project. From in-depth planning and collaboration sessions, to designing prototypes and all the way through to launching, testing and maintaining the project. Each step was engaging, focused on perfecting the concept and tailored to the audience this website was created for.

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Given the specific timeline for the project a team of developers, designers and content writers quickly and efficiently led the project through our 6 step project process and successfully created the website that currently provides driving information across all Canadian provinces and territories. It is built on a well defined navigation structure, backed by extensive databases, allows for quiz functionality, insurance quote integration as well as an articles section for the business to consistently communicate with it’s customers.

Technology Review

The best technologies are built to survive

Right from the start our goal was to develop a solution that could sell, be extended, remain secure and could be maintained for a long time. We also focused on choosing the technology that had the most built in base features, could make development quick and would catch bugs during an early stage.  As a result of these objectives we decided to go with the following technologies:


  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Installer
  • SVN
  • Custom Code Deployer
icandrive technologies

Focus on Results

Its about being accountable from the beginning to the end

Every single one of our projects is driven by the end-goal. We commit resources, plan, design and implement quality structures to ensure the customers end goal is always achieved whether that is increased traffic, improved leads etc. With the icandrive.ca project by investing in the website creation process and committing to each step we were able to launch, test and maintain a website that rapidly showed a ROI on the investment, rewarding the work with year-after-year increasing high traffic to the site.

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