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ABC Montessori is a Mississauga based education institution which focuses on creating a nurturing educational environment for children at the toddler stage, all the way to five years of age. The ABC Montessori team approached AgileWeb with an existing website that no longer met the image and philosophy that represented their business. Our team was able to revamp the existing website with updated colors, more organized information flow and improved visual appeal to attract more visitors and potential families who would be motivated to enroll their children at ABC Montessori.

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Establishing Brand & Creating Visual Appeal

Inspiring confidence and interest in potential clients

Given the nature of the business ABC Montessori is in they needed a website that was highly organized, functional and portrayed a very distinguished look. We wanted to inspire potential parents to feel the value they would be giving their child by enrolling them at this educational institution. In order to do this we maintained key branding features across the site, ensuring all the pertinent information was available and in a highly organized flow of navigation and worked closely with the ABC Montessori team to ensure they felt the new website 100% represented the voice and brand of their business.

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Responsive Web Design

Quality and accessibility across all devices and resolutions

The existing website ABC Montessori approached AgileWeb with was not responsive and as a result the client was not being able to provide access to all their information to a wide customer base. By taking the website on to a responsive web design we were able to increase the reach of their customer base and ensure regardless of device and resolution all potential customers could view business information as well as be able to experience the unique branding approach we had applied to the website.

Responsive Web Design

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